Working Dog Diet 4lb

Working Dog Diet 4lb
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Formulated for hard working and active dogs, along with overly lean dogs, and pregnant and nursing females

The unique combination of modest protein and high fat from premium, all-natural ingredients helps working dogs, including pregnant and nursing females, obtain the nutrition needed to keep up with the physical and mental demands placed on them.

The diet’s high caloric content and nutritionally dense kibbles, help overly lean dogs maintain or gain weight – while eating less food.

Balanced ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, including EPA, DHA, and linoleic acid, nurtures healthy skin and promotes a vibrant coat.

Natural antioxidants support a strong immune system.

Best Breed pays a premium to source meats, grains and fats that are highly nutritious and easy for your dog to digest.

Healthy fiber from beet pulp, a moderately fermentable source of soluble and insoluble fiber, promotes healthy gastrointestinal functions and consistently solid stools - even under the most stressful circumstances.

Glucosamine and the Green- Lipped Sea Mussel (perna-canaliculus) naturally support proper joint and connective tissue health The Green-Lipped Sea mussel is also rich in amino acids, chelated minerals, and fatty acids.

Wholesome source of carbohydrates from U.S.-raised grains help maintain high energy levels.

To help ensure your dog’s nutritional safety, Best Breed pays a premium for EU-approved and U.S.-raised natural ingredients.

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