Super5Mix® Large Breed - Puppy Health 30lb

Super5Mix® Large Breed - Puppy Health  30lb
Item# 76389115

26% Protein l 13.5% Fat Max l 1.4% Calcium Max l .13% DHA

With a longer growth cycle and faster potential growth rate, your large breed puppy has a unique physical composition that creates special nutritional needs.

Controlled Bone Development

Optimal skeletal development depends on appropriate amounts of calcium and phosphorus. We carefully control these mineral levels and then guarantee their accuracy on every bag - so you can be sure your puppy will grow strong bones at the right pace. Paced, Steady Growth Rate

With a potential growth up to 100 times their birth weight, a large breed puppy's energy intake must be regulated to ensure consistent, steady growth. That's why this special recipe controls calories with 20% less fat than Super5Mix Just for Puppy.

The Right Start to a Healthy Weight

With more weight on larger frames, maintaining ideal body condition is a big concern. Since lean muscle is the foundation of healthy weight, this recipe has 26% protein with 4 quality animal protein sources to help develop strong, lean muscle.

DHA to Support Brain Development

Smart and trainable, large breed dogs often grow up to lead and serve. To help support cognitive development vital to training, we use salmon meal and salmon oil to provide DHA, a fatty acid normally found in their mother's milk. 50% Longer Growth Cycle

Some large breeds are considered puppies for up to 24 months so they need a healthy food that tastes great day after day. With satisfaction guaranteed, we use deboned chicken and whitefish to provide a natural taste that puppies love.

Guaranteed Great Taste

With satisfaction guaranteed, we use deboned chicken and whitefish to provide a taste that dogs love.

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