Easy Loader Dog Kennels

Easy Loader Dog Kennels
Item# ezduce

Thank you for your interest in the Easy Loader line of dog kennels. We make 2 sizes, the Easy Loader model fits between the fender wells of all full size pickups and the Deuce model fits between the fender wells of all compact pickups and in the cargo area of most S.U.V.'s.

True to their name Easy Loader kennels are a snap to load or unload, at 33 pounds it only takes one person.

Easy Loaders are molded using high density polyethylene the same material used in pickup truck bedliners. An ultra violet stablizer is added to the plastic so it won't crack or become discolored after many years of being in direct sunlight. We offer a full one year warranty on material and workmanship.

Cold Weather Door Covers: $45.00.per pair


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